Republican Leader Can't Name A Thing China Received From Supposed Biden Crimes

Rep. Jason Smith, the Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, appeared on Fox News Wednesday and couldn’t name a single “service” China received for supposedly getting “payoffs from the Bidens.”

Fox News was, until Lev Parnas showed up, running with Wednesday’s meeting of the House Oversight Committee into the impeachment of President Biden being run by the intrepid James Comer.

When Smith was asked specifically what the quid pro quo was to the Chinese, he had no clue.

Fox News co-host Bill Hemmer set the scene: “Millions of dollars in from the Chinese and millions of dollars from the Ukrainians and Kazakhstan, or wherever else. What did the Chinese or the Kazakhstan-ese or the Ukrainians,” Hemmer said. “What did they get for the services that were provided?”

“I think every situation is different,” he said.

(In other words, nothing)

“And a lot of it in regards to the Chinese, we don’t know the answers to,” he said.

These morons of the Beltway have nothing…

Millions of dollars and years and months of investigations because they want to try and attack “the left” because Trump was so corrupt and was impeached twice by the House? They have diddlysquat.

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