Newsmax To Jim Jordan: You're Chasing Your Tail On Impeachment

The House Oversight Committee investigating the Biden’s has been an epic fail, and Newsmax host Rob Finnerty sees the writing on the wall.

Finnerty confronted Rep. Jim Jordan about the lack of any meaningful results from the multiple hearings.

“Is impeachment the next step? —Unless you get Democratic votes, this is going to be real tough,” Finnerty said. “So it kind of seems like you’re chasing your tail at this point because this is not going to go anywhere.”

Did Finnerty just call Jordan a dog? Trump does. “Here, Fido, go after the Biden’s because they were mean to me.”

The usually spry Jordan was very morose in his reply

Instead of launching into a rabid, hate-fueled rant about the Biden’s, he actually admitted they have a small majority in the House and then reiterated it’s his job to investigate.

“No, fair question,” Jordan replied. “And we got a small majority. Everyone understands that, not just on this issue, but on a host of issues.”

“Our job is under the Constitution to do oversight of the executive branch,” he continued. “We are doing that. We’re going to continue to do that.”


Smoke and mirrors don’t even compare as an analogy to these MAGA creeps phony investigations.

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