MAGA Julie Green: 'Biblical-type Plagues' Will Strike Your Enemies

Julie Green is out with another off-the-wall prophecy and it’s a doozy.

As Conover has written before, “To say that MAGA Prophet Julie Green is a thoroughly ridiculous person is putting it mildly — but apparently, she has some dedicated Q-inspired listeners who find her credible.”

JULIE GREEN: My children, you are about to see biblical-type plagues strike some of your enemies, even on their faces.

Boils will be seen.

See who was infected by them.

See how they will try to explain it away.

But know your enemies are very afraid, just as they were in Egypt.

Watch as you have read in my word, and now you will see plagues in your time, to show you I am still the same God, and I still deliver my people from the enemy.

Stay with the Lord.

Green is channeling the movie The Ten Commandments and all her enemies are Yul Brynner.

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