Donald Receives 'Stunning' Portrait Of Melania

Judging just by the look on Trump’s face, he’s as puzzled by this one as the rest of us. If I had to guess, I’d say it was Tyra Banks or maybe Chrissy Teigen. Or perhaps another porn star that Trump slept with while Melania was pregnant.

Some very clever satire here, as that is Gary Petersen but is a reworked picture from another Trump artist, Al Manica. He presented a picture of Melania to Trump last year and tweeted about it in December.

Source: The Poke

It’s a sign of the unprecedented times we live in that some people still think Donald Trump ‘superfan’ Gary Petersen is the real deal.

That, and the incredible attention to detail that Petersen – @GaryPetersenUSA over on Twitter. He’s so good, in fact, that even as we write that we’re beginning to doubt ourselves.

We mention him because Gary has just gone viral again with this magnificent portrait of Melania which he may or may not – who the hell can tell anymore? – have presented to Donald Trump.

And the real deal or not (surely not one) it’s really, really funny, made even better by the vast number of people who still believe.

Petersen, who has done dozens and dozens of paintings of Trump on his Twitter page and website, posted his latest pièce de résistance yesterday.

Reviews were…umm..mixed.

But the last word belongs to the artist himself.

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