WHY Are Networks Putting Bannon On? It's Reprehensible.

Both NBC and ABC News decided it was appropriate to interview jailbird Steve Bannon, on the day before his incarceration, while he still faces state fraud charges related to the Build The Wall scheme that Trump pardoned him for on federal charges on the last day of his term.

Bannon was involved in supporting the fake electors scheme and did his best to stir discontent, urging Trump supporters to try to stop the counting of the electoral college and have Mike Pence install Trump as president after he lost the 2020 election.

Bannon is going to jail for refusing refusing to provide documents related to his involvement in the Republican ex-president’s efforts to overturn his 2020 election loss to Democrat Joe Biden.

The attack on the US Capitol on January 6 with the treasonous acts by all those involved, but ABC and NBC News decided to reward Bannon interviews anyway.

KARL: And I’m talking about violence. When you say no matter what, no more violence.

BANNON: Who talks about violence?

KARL: Well, let’s just look at some of your language. Your language. You said, there is no coming together. Just like in the revolution, the Civil War. One side is going to win and one side is going to lose.

BANNON: So Trump’s support, how’s that violent?

KARL: No, no, no. Just like the revolution and the Civil War.

BANNON: There’s war!

KARL: No, no, no.

BANNON: But you’re talking about, you’re talking about the two great historical moments in our history. Which includes a lot of bloodshed and violence.

BANNON: You’re talking about, you’re talking about, nobody could derive that that we’re calling for violence. Hold it, hold it, hold it.

KARL: No, no, no. How about this?

BANNON: We’re winning at the ballot box. You know why? Over 50% of the American people right now, including 80% of Republicans, believe the 2020 election was illegitimate, that Joe Biden’s illegitimate because of problems with the 2020 election. Okay?

KARL: They believe it because a lot of people have lied about it, quite frankly. You also said it’s victory or death.

(clip) It’s very simple. Victory or death.

BANNON: Victory or death, I did.

KARL: Hang on.

BANNON: Scipio Africanus, Nelson, Travis at the Alamo. It’s a famous saying for when you want people to say, hey, we got to win.

Bannon understands that his hateful and violent rhetoric inflamed the MAGA cult, which led to the attack on the Capitol. It’s why he continues to this day to spew violence and hate on his podcast.

His words are chosen and uttered for that kind of violence which he hopes will lead to a fascist, Christian nationalist takeover of the country.

As shameful as the CNN un-debate was for their network, (It was a Trump rally, two minutes at a time) both ABC and NBC networks have now blackened their eyes by giving this seditious menace air time to spread MAGA propaganda instead of washing their hands of him with a short report about him reporting to prison today.

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