Who Let The Domestic Terrorists Into The Fauci Hearing?

Someone needs to explain why a couple of J6 nutters were allowed into the hearing room so they could sit behind Anthony Fauci and make faces during this Monday’s House hearing as Fauci choked up while discussing death threats he and his family have had to put up with.

One of them was removed:

J6 defendant Brandon Fellows had to be removed from the House Committee hearing today where Dr. Anthony Fauci was called to testify.

A number of J6ers were in attendance at the hearing, including Michael Flynn associate Ivan Raiklin who sat right behind Fauci with Fellows so they could mug for the cameras while attempting to mock him. Raiklin waited for Fauci to arrive this morning, and followed him down the hallway yelling conspiracies at him while accusing him of mass murder.

As Fauci was describing the credible death threats against himself and his family, he choked up when mentioning his daughters, while Raiklin and Fellows made faces behind him. (Raiklin on left, Fellows on right).

Fellows was then finally removed from the hearing, and on his way out the door he yelled that Fauci should be in prison.

I want to know who invited them as well.

Here’s more from TizzyEnt on Xitter asking that same question.

And Fellows is still on probation:

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