Who Else Is Counting The Days Until Steve Bannon Is Finally Jailed?

Count me among the masses who believe Steve Bannon’s day to report to prison can’t come soon enough. Felon45’s criminal BFF was busy debasing MSNBC contributor John Heilemann this week, saying he “hasn’t worked hard enough” to be jailed by Trump in a second term.

Here’s Bannon on his podcast, The War Room, pretending once again that their plans to politicize the Justice Department to go after political enemies isn’t actually vengeance before taking a cheap shot at Heilemann, and then naming names of who they would go after.

BANNON: This is justice. It’s not vengeance. It’s not retribution. It’s none of that. And no, John Heilemann, you’re one of the great wasted talents out there. You haven’t worked hard enough to make the list. The people that will be on the list know who they are… know who they are.

You see McCabe wetting himself, former government officials, the 51 traitors that tried to gun deck the laptop from hell. Certain members of media, like Andrew Weissman, that have worked hand in glove with the Justice Department.

It’s just all going through, Justice Department. It’s just going to go through the receipts, which every government bureaucrat, everybody in the government payrolls, got to have their text messages and have to turn over all of their emails.

It’s just of what they did in an official business. So if you didn’t do anything, don’t worry about it. Now, if you like McCabe and you’re on TV every night, wetting yourself, you should be concerned about it.

I’d love to know what he thinks Andrew Weissman has done to deserve prosecution, but I guess we’ll have to wait for either his next podcast, or for him to get out of prison, where he deserves to rot.

Bannon also suggested that Attorney General Merrick Garland should be in prison as well. Something I’m sure the House MAGA wingnut caucus is fully on board with.

This is the bile that the age of Trump has rained down on us. It can’t end soon enough for me. I used to think that the Bush/Cheney administration was the worst that I’d ever see in my lifetime, and these asshole Republicans keep proving me wrong.

I’ll be glad when this loudmouth Bannon is finally in prison and can’t continue to pollute our political dialog and make threats. I’ll have zero remorse if he keels over from a heart attack while he’s in there.

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