What Was Hiding At This Debate? In 2020 It Was COVID

Disgraced and demoted Dr. Ronny “Pill Mill” Jackson wanted drug testing before the debates. Rep. Ronny Johnson Jackson demanded that testing as part of the pre-debate messaging push. But he KNEW that it wouldn’t happen, especially for this debate. Plus, if you know you’ll be drug tested and might fail, you can stop taking the drug or cheat. That’s what Trump did when he cheated on his scheduled COVID test before the 2020 debate.

At the 2020 debate Trump was scheduled to be tested for COVID, everyone was supposed to be tested for COVID AT THE VENUE, THE DAY OF THE DEBATE. Biden and his people got tested, they followed the rules designed to protect themselves, AND OTHERS. But Trump, and his enablers, showed up late to avoid testing for COVID because, as Mark Meadows’ 2021 book revealed,Trump had tested positive for COVID Saturday, September 26 2020, three days before the September 29th debate.
Also, his entourage didn’t wear masks, as was required by the venue.

Trump spent much of Saturday with the woman he nominated to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court: Amy Coney Barrett. She and her family — including her husband and seven children — were all on hand at the White House, and met with Trump, the first lady and the Pences in the Oval Office.

Later, Trump attended a rally in Pennsylvania.

According to Meadows, Trump tested positive before traveling to the rally in Pennsylvania and then subsequently tested negative.

A timeline of Trump’s activities around the time of his positive Covid-19 test CNN

Now, you will note that this is “according to Meadows” that Trump subsequently “tested negative.” This is from Meadow’s book, but remember, he didn’t write this under oath. We don’t know the exact details and timing of Trump’s tests and type of test. What we do know is that Meadows and Dr. Conley hid that information from everyone, including Chris Christie, who got COVID from Trump during debate prep. Trump, Meadows & Dr. Conley put MULTIPLE lives in danger of infection and death. Remember, this was pre-vaccine.

The interviewer brought up that Goldstar families were exposed, but also soon to be Justice Amy Coney Barrett. More that 24 people got sick from the Rose Garden Party but “The White House” refused to do contact tracing.

I read the New York Times story by Apoorva Mandavilli and Tracey Tully about the Rose Garden super spreader event. It’s just stunning all the ways “The White House” blocked any kind of investigation into the spread of COVID. They cut the CDC out of the process! So who was in charge of contact tracing?

the White House Medical Unit, a group of about 30 doctors, nurses and physician assistants, headed by Dr. Sean Conley, the White House physician, who has been the public spokesman for Mr. Trump’s doctors.

ONLY the DoD Inspector General can demand Dr. Conley and the testing people in the White House Medical Unit to tell them who was tested when, and then where the information sent

Did Conley have an obligation to reveal Trump’s testing history to others on Trump’s debate prep team? Chris Christie thinks so, and said it during his Firing Line interview with Margaret Hoover which aired December 10, 2021.

I had been researching executive orders, state and federal laws around COVID reporting since Trump’s June 20, 2020 rally in Tulsa. The rally was a documented super spreader event.

I determined that Trump and his campaign staff hid reporting on the number of people infected at the rally by ordering people NOT to take tests at the rally but to travel by car to other states days later. Trump’s campaign staff used privacy laws, and uncoordinated public health laws, to avoid being caught violating Oklahoma’s Executive Orders and Federal COVID reporting laws.

When Meadow’s book came out in 2021 I went back to the research I did before during and after the Tulsa Rally. I suggested to the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis @COVIDOversight, that they look at Meadow’s book and cross reference with his messages on his phone to see if he was the one who told the traveling nurses hired by the campaign to stop the testing when they saw how many were infected.

I don’t know if they ever did, or if they got the hard evidence they would need to PROVE that Mark Meadows, Tony Ornato and/or Brad Parscale broke local, state and federal laws about COVID test reporting in Tulsa. (Like Halting & delaying testing the day of the rally prevented discovery of others who may be infected. This appears to be a violation of Oklahoma state law, Title 63. Public Health and Safety statutes. Specifically, under §63-6103, The Catastrophic Health Emergency Powers Act,)

BOTTOM LINE: Trump, and his enablers, avoided responsibility for the infections and deaths the violations of public health laws caused. It wasn’t just Herman Cain, THOUSANDS DIED in and around Tulsa. It’s documented.

Meadows Hid The Truth and Lied, People Got Sick Of COVID And Died

Why bother writing this? Because the MSM needs to be reminded that treating Trump AND HIS ENABLERS like normal people is a mistake of deadly proportions.

The only way we hear new info in the MSM is when a new book on this time period comes out, otherwise it’s old news.

Trump violated the agreed upon rules for the debate. Mark Meadows and Dr. Conley made this violation possible. It is possible that Dr. Conley broke the Federal COVID testing reporting laws. Also, Meadows might have broken laws about reporting sick workers. I think he did. There needs to be an investigation, like the DoD IG’s March 2021 report about Ronny Jackson’s behavior which led to him being demoted to CAPTAIN from Rear Admiral in JULY 2022.

Here’s the problem, the press can’t learn the truth about medical issues within the White House. Carol Leonnig is well positioned to investigate this, because of her books on the Secret Service and Trump. But unless the Inspector General Robert P. Storch of the DoD does an investigation of Dr. Conley and The White House Medical Unit, no one will ever know specifically what happened.

Who can demand an investigation? I don’t think Hope Hicks, Bill Stepien, Stephen Miller or Kellyanne Conway will step forward and tell people Trump knew he had COVID and infected them. Maybe Chris Christie. Trump infected Christie during his debate prep, he almost died. If he doesn’t ask for an DoD IG investigation, maybe he can talk to the MSM, since they like to have him on for some reason. Maybe Michael D. Shear, the New York Times journalist who got COVID at the Rose Garden can ask the DoD IG to investigate why there was no contact tracing. What if photojournalist Al Drago has long COVID and can’t work anymore? Would it be relevant for him to ask for an investigation into the lies and failures to report that lead to his infection? I’m asking the MSM to revisit this story. Larry Buchanan, Lazaro Gamio, Lauren Leatherby, John Keefe, Christoph Koettl and Amy Schoenfeld Walker wrote this story about who got sick when. Any of the people in attendance who got COVID have a book coming out? What about the Military who were there? U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Charles W. Ray? or U.S. Marines General Gary Thomas? Maybe they didn’t like being called “suckers and losers.” Would they care that their previous Commander-in-Chief, or his Chief of Staff, convinced the DoD doctor in charge of the White House Medical Unit to violate laws to cover up his COVID status?

I checked, but I didn’t see that there were any protocols for COVID testing at the 2024 debate venue. We have since learned that Biden had a cold, but tested negative for COVID. Now would be a great time to bring up how Meadows and Dr. Conley hid the COVID status of Trump at the 2020 debate. The MSM also needs to remind the public that

Trump is willing to kill anyone, even his closest advisors, to hid his secrets


Trump tested COVID positive Saturday Sept 26, 3 days before debate, on Tuesday September 29, as revealed in Mark Meadows’ book Credit: NBC Screen Grab

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