Weird: Here Is Trump Waving At A Crowd Of People That Aren't There

In the clip above, you can see Donald Trump in Nevada waving at people who aren’t there. Trump supporters like to determine that President Joe Biden has dementia while unsurprisingly presenting no evidence to back that up. Trump, though, has waved at imaginary crowds on several occasions. If Biden did that, it would be all over the media. Trump’s diminished mental acuity has been inadvertently paraded out front and center for quite a while now with minimal scrutiny from media outlets. If you need a refresher, take a look at his 2018 ant about Elton John. It’s truly remarkable.

Everything about Trump is for show — nothing about the former reality TV star is real. From his tacky golden Trump Towers apartment to his wifebot’s golden baby stroller, complete with its own chandelier, nothing about him is real. It’s all about the presentation to Felon 45. And even now, after he’s been indicted a bazillion times, Trump uses that to garner donations. It’s a grift.

Trump has waved at imaginary people before.

Who is he waving at here in 2023?

And Trump loves to do that thing where he points to someone in the crowd at his rallies to make them feel special — as if they are the same. The entire presentation of Donald J. Trump is bizarre. There are quite a few video clips of Lumpy waving at imaginary people, but do go off about Biden’s mental acuity. Stop falling for the propaganda. Trump is either mentally fucked up, or he’s a fraud — or both.

Excuse me. I have to go now to wave at imaginary crowds of people because I’m super important.

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