Wednesday Is Anti-Procrastination Day! Have YOU Subscribed To C&L Yet?

Hey there, procrastination nation! You know what today is? That’s right, it’s Anti-Procrastination Day. The day of the week when we’re supposed to finally get around to all those nagging tasks we’ve been putting off.

We’ve got the perfect anti-procrastination activity for you progressive web surfers – celebrating 20 amazing years of Crooks and Liars by becoming a paid subscriber!

For two decades now, this fiercely independent liberal site has been serving up raw, unfiltered commentary while mercilessly mocking the cringeworthy hypocrisy of the far-right fringe. Led by the one and only John Amato, Crooks and Liars pulls no punches in dismantling bad faith partisan hacks and calling out the disinformation machine.

From skewering Fox News propaganda to elevating crucial stories the mainstream media buries, this platform has provided an invaluable voice of truth in an increasingly Orwellian political landscape. And they’ve done it all without bankrupting billionaire benefactors or shady backers – just grassroots support sustaining the resistance.

Now it’s time for you to join the ranks! Stop procrastinating and take the plunge by becoming a paid Crooks and Liars subscriber today. When you do, you’ll get an ad-free browsing experience across the entire site. That’s uninterrupted access to all the scathing political commentary, multimedia takedowns, and must-see humor without any corporate ad disruptions.

Even better, your paid subscription directly funds more of the cut-the-crap progressive journalism we so desperately need right now. As Republican extremists escalate attacks on women, LGBTQ people, minorities and basic democratic norms, bolstering independent media voices is crucial.

So ditch the procrastination and get to subscribing! Mark Anti-Procrastination Day by finally joining the fight at It’s the perfect way to celebrate 20 years of Crooks and Liars giving crooks hell – and ensure the liberal “crooks” can keep battling lies and propaganda for another 20 years.

If you can, please subscribe.

Or make a one-time donation:

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Any donation helps!

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