Watch Jamie Raskin's Takedown Of Gaetz, Comer, Jordan & Trump

What can you say about Jamie Raskin? Except Raskin rakes Republicans. He is smarter, wittier, better prepared and has a passion for justice. When he combines all of these, you get what happened during the sham Biden “impeachment” hearings the other day.

Raskin managed to indict the entire Republican Party for this utter failure, while ripping James Comer & Jim Jordan to their faces. Later, he mocked Matt Gaetz’ weak attacks on President Biden by pointing out the gobsmacking wave of corruption that is the Trump family. Another job well done by the Republican imbeciles who keep holding these hearings so they can backfire in spectacular fashion.

Cliff Schecter has the video that lays out Raskin’s day in all its glory, as he destroyed Jordan, Gaetz, Comer & Trump. Check it out! Then go subscribe to his channel for more content like this.

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