Unitarian Church In Dallas Opens REAL Pregnancy Counseling Center

Leaders of the First Unitarian Church of Dallas opened a new pregnancy resource center that will provide comprehensive reproductive health information, unlike fake crisis pregnancy centers. Via Dallas Morning News:

The Truth Pregnancy Resource Center is a direct reaction to Texas’ strict abortion bans that made the procedure illegal in all cases but those that threaten the life of the mother. Abortion clinics around the state shuttered, limiting access to women’s health care providers in regions already known to be maternal care deserts.

Doors down from the now-closed Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center, which offered abortions, the new pregnancy center will provide counseling, sonograms, and information about all possible outcomes of pregnancy, from adoption to parenthood to traveling to have an abortion in neighboring states.

“This is a little bit of redemption for [former Southwestern Women’s staff]” said Rev. Daniel Kanter, CEO and senior minister at First Unitarian. “And none of this is really about me at all. It’s about the opportunity to do good in the world, to have a church say that this issue around reproductive dignity matters.”

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