Unisteller starts a Kickstarter campaign for its Envision smart binoculars

Unistellar has been turning the world of telescopes upside down with crowdfunding, and now it’s about to start a new Kickstarter campaign for its smart binoculars.

Dubbed Envision, the smart binoculars are similar to the company’s user-friendly smart telescopes, which use AI to help people see objects despite light pollution from city lights.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Envision starts today, and Unistellar hopes it will help redefine the way enthusiasts explore both the celestial heavens and the terrestrial landscape.

Innovative tech for exploration

Envision smart binoculars feature a collaboration with Nikon for superior optical design. With a magnification power of x10 and a 50 millimeter diameter, these Porro architecture binoculars are designed to deliver unparalleled clarity and precision.

They integrate high-quality optics with augmented reality (AR) features, to overlay contextual information directly onto the natural field of view at the user’s command. Whether navigating the night sky or exploring the Earth’s surface, users will experience a dramatically enhanced perception and understanding of their environment.

Designed for ease of use, and integrating with a smartphone via the dedicated app, Envision smart binoculars will offer an intuitive yet vivid and detailed exploration experience. They provide instant access to a comprehensive database of maps and contextual information, so users can explore the night sky like a seasoned astronomer and earthly terrains like a professional guide.

Smart binocular details

Envision offers four distinct modes to enhance exploration:

Smart Scouting Mode lets you transform your field of view with a 3D map overlay, highlighting landmarks, water sources, trails, and points of interest during the day. At night, gaze upwards to see detailed contextual information about celestial objects within your view.

Guided Navigation Mode is for the night. The app suggests stars, comets, and other celestial objects to explore. During the day, visual cues guide you to sought-after points of interest, enhancing your navigation in complex and unfamiliar terrains.

Shareable Target-Lock Mode lets you lock onto any target—be it a camouflaged animal or a distant star—and pass the binoculars to friends. The binoculars will guide them precisely to the same target for a shared viewing experience.

Classic Optical Mode is for those moments when you want to disconnect from technology, switch off the AR overlay to enjoy the pristine optics of a high-quality pair of classic binoculars.

Technical Specifications

The binoculars have x10 magnification power, a 50mm diameter, Porro architecture, battery life of 1,000 binocular engagements per charge, or five hours of continuous use. It has a field of view of 6°, exit pupil diameter of 5mm, BAC4 Fully Multicoated glass, 1,000 astronomical targets of interest, and 200,000 stars.

It also has terrestrial targets, including more than a million hills, mountains, and peaks. It can identify hundreds of thousands of trails, shelters, water springs, caves and more.

Prepare for launch

Following the success of the eVscope Kickstarter campaign, which raised over $2.2 million and redefined backyard stargazing, ultimately earning Unistellar the strategic support and investment of Nikon in 2023, Unistellar’s Envision smart binoculars aim to set new standards in exploration technology.

“We’re thrilled to unveil Envision smart binoculars, a testament to our commitment to innovation in exploration,” said Laurent Marfisi, CEO of Unistellar, in a statement. “Excitement continues to grow within the global community of explorers and technology enthusiasts alike. From amateur astronomers to outdoor adventurers, ENVISION will empower these users to discover and engage with their surroundings in ways never thought possible.”

The company said it will have limited quantity offers available at launch.

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