Trump Trial: Day 2 Of Jury Deliberations!!

Alright guys, buckle up for day 2 of jury deliberations in Defendant Donald Trump’s first criminal trial (of 4). Catch up on the first day of jury deliberations here!

When we signed off yesterday, the jury had requested various segments of testimony from David Pecker and Michael Cohen. They also requested that the judge reread the jury instructions – unclear if it was all of only specific sections. We will get more info when court begins at 9:30am.

JURY QUESTION 3!! – 9:32am

Just moments after court started for the day and the jury is back with 2 requests.

1. Headphones or speakers
2. Clarification about the jury instruction about how to consider evidence and what can be inferred from it. Reference to a metaphor about how if the ground is wet in the AM, you can infer it rained over night.

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