Trump Bootlick Robert Hur To Testify Before House Committee

Hur will testify before the House Judiciary Committee this morning, and is expected to use the opportunity to polish his resume with a possible Trump Administration, as Joe Scarborough hilariously described this morning in the above video. Via The Independent:

Robert Hur, the former Trump-appointed US Attorney who declined to prosecute President Joe Biden after classified materials were found in his Delaware home and a former office in Washington, DC, will appear before the House Judiciary Committee as a private citizen who has surrounded himself with Republican partisans and notorious figures linked to former president Donald Trump as he prepares for his Tuesday appearance before the House Judiciary Committee.

According to multiple sources familiar with Mr Hur’s plans, the special counsel, who is appearing before the Judiciary Committee at the request of the Republican majority led by Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, has arranged his departure from the Department of Justice to be official as of Monday 11 March, one day before he is scheduled to appear on Capitol Hill.

Instead of appearing as a DOJ employee who is bound by the ethical guidelines which govern the behaviour of federal prosecutors, he will appear as a private citizen with no constraints on his testimony.

Republicans are expected to push Hur on why Biden wasn’t indicted, comparing his case unfavorably to that of the Felon of Mar-A-Lago. I suspect, in the wake of last week’s State of the Union address, it will be a lot harder to paint President Joe Biden as a dotty old man.

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