Trump Attorney: Biden And DOJ Had Nothing To Do With Trump Conviction

A former Trump attorney told MSNBC it is silly and ridiculous to think President Biden or anyone from the Justice Department had anything to do with Trump’s prosecution and conviction in Manhattan’s Hush Money trial.

Joe Tacopina, Trump’s attorney until he left the defense team, remarked that Sen. Tim Scott, Trump and anyone in the MAGAt orbit were lying and/or idiots to say otherwise.

Tacopina: This is a state case.

Sharpton: This is different than the Jack Smith cases, okay?

Tacopina: This is not a federal prosecution. Joe Biden or anyone from his justice department have absolutely zero to do with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

They have no jurisdiction over him. They have no context with him. They have no control, certainly, over him. So, to say that Joe Biden brought this case is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard.

We know that’s not the case. And even Trump’s lawyers know that’s not the case.

Sharpton: Now, wait, wait, wait right there, because as you say, even Trump’s lawyers know that’s the case.

You were an attorney with Trump. You were on Trump’s case early and got off the case. So, you’re speaking as one that knew as you signed into work for Trump, which you explained on this show why and you explained why you got out, that this had nothing to do with Joe Biden or any other federal government trying to lean in on Donald Trump.

Tacopina: The federal government has no input on the Manhattan District Attorney’s state prosecution. So, the federal government and Joe Biden cannot direct, command, request a state prosecutor to bring charges.

They have absolutely no jurisdiction.

The same way the president, be it Trump or Biden, cannot pardon anyone who’s convicted of a state crime that’s only left to the governor of that particular state. You know, so people who say that make it scary that they really don’t know the law or what they’re talking about. I mean, to suggest that Joe Biden would be behind the Manhattan District Attorney’s prosecution is silly.

These are bombshell statements from one of Trump’s most loyal attorneys. Calling their attacks on Pres. Biden and the Justice department over Trump’s conviction ridiculous, silly, and uninformed about the case was eyeopening. Statements that many Republicans refuse to make even though they know the truth.

No Mar-A-Lago brunches for you!

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