Trump Admits To 'An Insurrection' In 'Completely Deranged' Statement

Donald Trump spoke to reporters over the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments today to decide whether the former President is yanked from Colorado’s GOP primary ballot for violating the 14th Amendment’s insurrection ban. Honestly, the attorney for Colorado was doing such a terrible job that the case against the twice-impeached multiply, multiply-indicted former President wasn’t looking good — until Trump opened his big fat mouth and called it “an insurrection.”

“I think it was an insurrection caused by Nancy Pelosi,” he said in remarks that CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale called “insane.”

“He also said this was an insurrection caused by Nancy Pelosi,” Dale told Kaitlan Collins. “That is an insane statement that is beyond fact-check false – that is completely deranged. This was a mob of pro-Trump supporters called to town, urged to be wild by Trump himself. Nancy Pelosi tried to protect the Capitol, tried to summon National Guard troops. Completely bonkers nonsense.”

“He also said there were no guns, something we’ve heard again and again from him,” he added. “There were, in fact, guns. We may never get a complete list of how many guns were there because most of the rioters were permitted to go home without arrest that day, but some people were arrested with guns.

Lumpy called his Jan. 6 tweets “beautiful” and “heartwarming.”

Well, I guess that Trump getting one thing right today in calling an insurrection “an insurrection” is progress. Yay for Lumpy. He’s just blaming Nancy Pelosi because she still carries his balls around in her purse.

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