Trump Accuses His Fed Chairman Of Trying To Help Biden: 'I Think He's Political'

Here we go again. Everyone’s out to get him, even the people he nominated for office, and the only reason the stock market is booming is people think he’s going to be elected. Sure thing, Dementia Donny.

Trump made an appearance on this Friday’s Mornings with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business Network, and went after Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, who he accused of potentially lowering interest rates to help Joe Biden get reelected.

BARTIROMO: Jay Powell, the Fed Chairman is talking about a soft landing. Do you believe we will see a soft landing?

TRUMP: Well I think he is going to do something to probably help Democrats, you know. I think if he lowers interest rates, but you have to potential of having massive inflation again, because the Middle East could drive up the price of energy. Energy has so much to do with it, and the Middle East, again, the bombs dropping all over the place, and the ships starting to get hit, and hit hard.

If that happens you’re going to have tremendous spikes in the price of oil, and if you do that, you’re going to have big inflation, and he’s not going to be able will to do anything.

But it looks to me like he’s trying to lower interest rates for the sake of maybe. getting people elected. I don’t know.

BARTIROMO: So you think he’s political? He’s just going to cut rates to help Biden, you think?

TRUMP: I do. I think he’s political, yes.

BARTIROMO: So, the Biden team can say well, if things are so bad how come stock market’s on a roll.

TRUMP: Because they think I’m going to be elected.

BARTIROMO: You think the stock market is rallying because people think you are going to be elected?

TRUMP: I do, yeah. If you take a look at Iowa, you take a look at New Hampshire, the stock market has been going crazy since then, and long before then. When I announced I was running, and I took the lead early, and then I beat everybody, including Ron DeSantis. I call him DeSantis now, I took the other name back.

BARTIROMO: Mr. President, back to the economy for a second. Would you reappoint Jay Powell?

TRUMP: No, I wouldn’t do that, no.

BARTIROMO: You wouldn’t reappoint him? Because… he missed inflation?

TRUMP: He did miss. He did miss. But no, I wouldn’t be inclined.

BARTIROMO: Who’s your choice for Fed Chairman?

TRUMP: I would have a couple choices. I can’t tell you now.

I’m pretty sure Trump is too distracted worrying about potentially being bankrupted from his civil trials to be bothered with thinking about who he might appoint for Fed Chair — if we’re unfortunate enough to have this monster back in the White House.

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