Tory MP Bets £8000 He Would Lose Seat

In Britain, where you can bet on anything and everything, betting against yourself to lose an upcoming election in a seat that you’ve represented for nearly twenty years is certainly a novel strategy for gaining voters’ trust. Davies is married to Lady Esther McVey, herself a Minister in Rishi Sunak’s Conservative government, the so-called Minister of Common Sense.

The Gambling Commission is investigating at least five Conservatives as part of its inquiry into wagers on the timing of the 4 July election.

Source: The Independent

Another senior Tory has become embroiled in the election betting scandal after allegedly placing an £8,000 bet that he would lose his seat.

Sir Philip Davies is accused of betting he would lose his Shipley seat in West Yorkshire at the upcoming election.

“What’s it got to do with you whether I did or didn’t,” the Conservative candidate, defending a majority of 6,242, told The Sun, adding that the bet was “nobody’s business”.

“I hope to win. I’m busting a gut to win. I expect to lose. In the 2005 election, I busted a gut to win. I expected to lose. I had a bet on myself to lose in the 2005 election, and my bet went down the pan,” Sir Philip told the newspaper.

“And if anyone’s alleging I have done anything illegal, they’re very welcome to allege it, but I’m afraid I haven’t.”

Spoken like a man bereft of common sense. But you could say that about any of the Tories these days.

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