Tom Brady fumes at his Tampa Bay Buccaneers team-mates in defeat against the Pittsburgh Steelers

During Sunday’s 20-18 loss to Pittsburgh Steelers, Tom Brady had some harsh words for his offensive lines.

Tampa Bay moves to 3-3 while Pittsburgh, where quarterback Kenny Pickett was injured and replaced by Mitchell Trubisky (2-4), snaps a four-game losing streak.

The 45-year-old Brady vented his frustration at his offensive line during the second quarter when his team was trailing 10-6.

Brady finished the game with 25 completions from 40 passes for 243 yards against a Steelers defense that had only recorded three sacks in its previous four games.

Pickett meanwhile was a rookie quarterback and started the game with the first touchdown pass. However, Pickett was forced to retire as the third quarterback.

Trubisky’s replacement found Chase Claypool, who completed a touchdown pass at the fourth quarterback to give the Steelers a seven-point lead.

Leonard Fournette responded by scoring a touchdown that brought the Bucs within touching distance. However, they were unable to add the two-point conversion to tie it.

“We didn’t take them lightly,” Tampa Bay coach Todd Bowles told reporters later.

He said, “Number two,” and referred to the 2021 team’s championship win.

“You have to be a hard worker and do the same as everyone else. We have worked hard, and we must continue to do so. We won’t be granted anything and we won’t feel sorry.

“We have to return as coaches and as players. Talking is no longer an option. It’s either you have to shut up or put up.

Pickett was also out, but Tampa Bay also lost Cameron Brate in the third quarter with a head injury. He sustained another horrible-looking hit during the first quarter.

While players from both sides were distressed, the game was stopped by the medical team.

As he was being stretchered off the field, the tight end raised a thumbs-up and the Bucs tweeted that it felt good to feel in his extremities.

On Sunday, the Bucs will face the Carolina Panthers while the Steelers take on the Miami Dolphins.

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