Tim Sheehy Caught Pretending His Tony Suburban Childhood Was ‘Rural’

Sheehy, who lives in Bozeman, seems to have gone to a lot of trouble to mischaracterize his privileged, suburban Minnesota upbringing as similar to that of nearly half of Minnesota residents.

The Daily Beast has the scoop:

Since launching his campaign to unseat vulnerable Sen. Jon Tester (D) last year, Sheehy has described his “rural” childhood on multiple occasions—at a fundraiser for Montana rodeo, in multiple podcast and radio hits, as well as in an interview with Western Ag Reporter.

The truth, however, is that Sheehy’s home turf is quintessential Minnesota suburbia—a place where pavement dominates pasture.

The Republican candidate grew up in a multi-million-dollar lake house in Shoreview, Minnesota, a quiet Twin Cities suburb just north of St. Paul with a population of roughly 27,000. Sheehy’s campaign confirmed to the Montana Free Press in December that he grew up in the town.

Daily Beast reporter Riley Rogerson also notes that the property is much closer to a Trader Joe’s than the nearest Fleet Farm, a farm supply, fishing and hunting store popular in Montana.

Sen. Tester, on the other hand, lives on and operates the farm he grew up on, outside the genuinely rural town of Big Sandy, Montana.

This is far from the first time Sheehy has been caught stretching the truth or outright lying about his past. Rogerson pointed out that while he campaigns as a “self-made” entrepreneur, he got extensive financial support from his family in building the aerospace business that went public last year with a $900 million valuation. His photo of himself supposedly depicting his “direct participation” in Montana agriculture was actually taken in Kentucky. And the 20,000-acre ranch that Sheehy touts as proof he understands and relates to agricultural and conservation issues never registered his animals as required by law, thus avoiding state taxes.

Then there’s the very bizarre array of stories Sheehy has told about his gunshot wound that he maybe got in Afghanistan (which has sometimes turned into multiple wounds) or was maybe the result of an accidental discharge in Montana’s Glacier National Park, as he told the park ranger. Sheehy later claimed he was never shot in the park but was injured from a fall. He said he lied to the ranger about the park injury because the gunshot wound may have been caused by friendly fire that Sheehy never reported to his superiors. That omission, Sheehy now claims, was in order to protect himself and his former platoonmates. So, supposedly, Sheehy cooked up the accidental Glacier Park shooting to keep the ranger from filing a report about the old incident and possibly trigger an investigation into it.

I sure hope Montanans reject this a-hole. But one thing is sure: He fits right into the Trump Party.

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