The Stable Genius Unleashes Insane Rant About Electric Planes

I don’t think anyone on the ‘replace Biden’ team has listened to Donald Trump before. President Biden’s debate performance wasn’t what we expected, but he’s back. Biden was on fire at his rally here in Raleigh, N.C. But Trump is getting worse. The felon’s rant in Chesapeake, Virginia, about “electric planes” parallels his gibberish about sharks and batteries. “They have no clue,” he said before apparently confusing solar power with electricity.

“These guys, you’ll never get them done,” he said. “You’ll never get them done. They don’t have any clue.”

“All they know is electric,” the felon continued. “They want electric army tanks. They want electric planes.”

“What happens if the sun isn’t shining while you’re up in the air?” he asked. “Well, sir, those, you know, I told you there’d be problems, sir. No, they want electric everything, everything.”

“They want electric boats,” he added. The problem, the boats, they don’t float because the battery is so heavy, it sinks the boat. They say we don’t care; we want them anyway.”

Xitter had a field day.

Stil undecided? FFS, listen to the man.

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