The Lincoln Project Taunts Trump With Ad: Ivanka 'Will Sell You Out'

Trump will likely blow a gasket if he sees this one. As they wrote, “Poor Donald, it was only a matter of time until your favorite turned against you. Ivanka has now hoarded enough money, using your name, that she and Jared no longer need you anymore. If you think she’ll visit you in prison, think again.”

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The Lincoln Project appears hopeful Ivanka Trump’s testimony on Wednesday in her father’s New York fraud trial will do the former president no favors.

The group, conceived by a number of former Republicans and vocal Donald Trump critics, released an ad this week taunting Trump over his daughter’s upcoming testimony.

“You’re embarrassing to her. Uncomfortable. Gross,” the ad’s narrator says as a variety of Ivanka and Donald Trump images pass by.

One audio clip of Ivanka Trump is played where she says her father’s communication style is “not for everyone.”

“She’s looking for an exit. Freedom from you,” the ad says.

The narrator then suggests Ivanka Trump’s testimony may sink her father.

“So when she testifies, she’ll sell you out. Maybe she already has. What’d she tell [New York Attorney General] Letitia James behind your back?” the narrator says.

And while I think their version is perfectly fine (and corrosively acidic), you just know they’d have used this theme music if they could have.

“And if you think she’ll visit you in prison, think again.”

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