The Heritage Foundation Officially Joins The Terrorists

It used to be that The Heritage Institute was one of those semi-respectable right-wing think tanks, like the American Enterprise Institute, the Hudson Institute, the CATO Institute, the Claremont Institute, etc. that generally espoused conservative ideology without going off into crazyland, like the John Birch Society. Well, those days are dead and gone, and they’ve now thrown their lot in with the rest of the MAGA anti-American extremists.

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A conservative think tank with a controversial plan for if Donald Trump wins the presidential election was under fire on Friday after flying their headquarters’ flag upside down and then advertising it.

Heritage Foundation, known in part for its “Project 2025” plan to remake the government in MAGA’s image, posted a photo of its upside-down flag on social media after Trump was convicted of 34 felonies in a hush money cover-up case in New York. The stunt is likely a reference to Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, whose wife reportedly flew an upside-down American flag in response to a neighbor’s anti-Trump signs and a follow-up fight.

It didn’t play well on social media.

Reaction was swift on the internet.

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