Tennessee Republican Warns America: Cannibals Are Coming!

The white supremacist MAGA cult continues to amaze.

Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett told Steve Bannon that murdering cannibals are poised to migrate to the US.

REP TIM BURCHETT: Well, Western civilization, you know, we need to let people handle their own scuffles.

You know, these people are cannibals, some of them.

I’ve seen videos of them eating people, eating burnt carcasses that they’ve killed on the streets of Haiti.

And these are the people, some of these people are ones that are going to be coming into our country.

And we better be ready for this.

They just had a big prison break over there, it busted open.

There’s no way in the world that we’re going to, this administration, these anarchists that are running this show, it’s over.

People better get mad and they better get motivated and get to the cause.

While Trump is using the most heinous Hitler tropes to attack migrants, Burchett is turning to 80s horror movies to try and top him.

Fear and hate are the MAGA/GOP platform.

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