Ted Cruz Demands Jury Nullification For Trump Hush Money Trial

On Hannity, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz openly pitched for one jury member to vote not guilty in Trump Hush money trial no matter what the evidence shows.

The MAGA cult must really be worried about the outcome of this trial since Republican lawmakers continue to come up with, conspiracies, insane theories, complaints, and now a sitting senator engaging in jury tampering.

Cruz: This judge is partisan and wildly unfair. The previous judge was partisan and wildly unfair. My hope is the best outcome is that the jury acquits, that there’s some common sense that comes through.

Now, as you noted, this jury pool is wildly democratic, so they’re gambling that they have partisans on that jury who don’t care about the facts and law.

And by the way, the judge gave them such a biased view of the law that they can have 12 different theories of the crime and convict. That will be reversed.

But even so, even if they don’t acquit, one juror can stand up and say, I will not be part of this travesty of justice.

I hope and pray that happens.

That would be good for the country if they ended this ridiculous charade and they let the voters decide in November.

Hannity: I agree.Well said, Senator. Appreciate you being with us.

The US justice system is for all and not for Republicans to pick and choose who should be prosecuted and who should not.

Trump announced he was running for the presidency way back in 2023 because he knew he was going to be indicted many times over. Diminished Donald knew fools like Cruz would step up and use his announcement to try and cover up his many alleged crimes

Voters do not get to decide who is guilty and innocent in this country when it comes to criminal matters.

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