'Suspend!': Fauci Hearing Goes Off The Rails When Marge Comes Unglued

Republicans are being humiliated at the Fauci hearing during the GOP’s quest to do absolutely nothing for this country. Well, they bravely saved my gas stove from evil Joe Biden, so there’s that! And, of course, things got stupid with the Bad Built, Butch Body lady as she demeaned our country’s top infectious disease expert, who she refused to call a doctor despite his enviable resume, education, and past, including as the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. In contrast, Greene went to the University of Georgia, earning her a degree in Jewish Space Lasers. Things did not go well for Marge today.

Is it right for scientists and doctors getting paid by the American people government taxpayer paychecks to get patents where they’re paid millions and hundreds of millions of dollars in royalty fees, especially when the NIH and these government agencies, most powerful agencies in our country, are recommending medical suggestions and advice and making up guidelines like six feet distancing and masking of children?” Marge asked. “Do you think that’s appropriate?”

“Do the American people deserve to be abused like that, Mr. Fauci?” she continued in her Mean Girl rant. “Because you’re not doctor. You’re Mr. Fauci in my few minutes.”

Raskin wasn’t having it.

“Mr. Chairman, just in terms of the rules of decorum, are we allowed to deny that a doctor is a doctor just because we don’t want him to be a doctor?” Rep. Jamie Raskin asked.

“Yes,” Marge, who is not the Chairman, said. “Because in my opinion, that man does not deserve to have a license. As a matter of fact, it should be revoked, and he belongs in prison.”

“Suspend,” Republican Chairman Brad Wenstrup told Marge. “The gentle lady should recognize the doctor as a doctor.”

“Mr. Chairman, is this what we have become?” a Democrat can be heard saying. “Is this what we have devolved into? No decorum.”

“Mr. Chairman, I’d like to make a point of order,” Greene said. “Because they accused us of worshipping President Trump. We don’t worship President Trump.”

“Gentlelady will suspend!” Wenstrup shot back. “The rule on taking down words does not apply to a witness. Again, I’m not condoning the words.”

Democratic Rep. Jared Moskowitz threw some shade at the Georgia Congressman.

I find it odd that she doesn’t want to call Dr. Anthony Fauci a doctor and likes to call former President Donald Trump “President Trump.” There is only one president in office at once, and I don’t think Biden wants to share his office space with his predecessor.

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