Steve Bannon Asks Lauren Boebert: Are You Going To Get Lucky Tonight?

Soon to be jailed Steve Bannon discussed tonight’s Colorado 5th district primary with controversial Rep. Lauren Boebert and asked if she was going to get lucky tonight, oblivious about the sexual connotations his words had relating to her infamous hand job at the Bettlejuice event.

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

BANNON: You may get lucky. She may get lucky tonight. Are you going to get lucky, Congressman Boebert, or is this because of hard work and your bonding with the folks out there in the congressional district?

We know somebody who did get lucky.

BOEBERT: Steve Bannon, I think Colorado might get lucky because we will still have a strong conservative voice in Colorado, but there has definitely been a lot of work that has been put into this campaign as well as every other campaign that I have run.

She’s promising the entire 5th District will get lucky if she wins.

Line up, gentlemen.

How daft are these two?

Trump endorsed Boebert as a “Proven Conservative” and “trusted America First Fighter.”

I wonder if Donald is hoping to see the new version of Cabaret with the carpetbagging Boebert?

UPDATE: Boebert did indeed “get lucky,” if by get lucky you mean she won in a deep red district with little in the way of competition. Sometimes being a professional troll actually works in one’s favor. – Karoli

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