Should Biden Do THIS To Trump?

Last week in light of the insane “immunity” decision by that group of pasty, pampered Republicans in Robes The Dictator Six. Or let’s just call them The Dick Six.

I had a conversation w/ Hal Sparks not only about the evil that Trump would do, but the good Biden could do. That’s right, imagine Biden’s his immunity powers to undo this insane power & every other inane, anti-constitutional decision by this Court, by expanding it. Find a way to get the one Republican you need in the House (immunity might provide leverage here), and use the Senate *follow the Constitution* and end the filibuster–an accident of history and appears NOWHERE in that document.

Right an extreme wrong. That has cost us safety from gun violence, women’s rights, voting rights, worker’s rights, aggressively fighting climate change and so much more. Fix things that are broken w/ our democracy.

We had some other ideas about what Biden could do, like ensuring everyone who should be able to, GETS TO VOTE in this election. And much more. Check out the video! And for more videos like this, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel, Cliff’s Edge!

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