Shocking New Pics Reveal How Trump Stored Classified Docs

On Monday evening, Special Counsel Jack Smith revealed new photos in a court filing showing the haphazard way the former President kept our country’s national security secrets. Some confidential folders were kept with golf shirts, a MAGA hat, other Trump merchandise, and Diet Coke bottles. Some of the classified boxes are seen spilling onto the floor. Aside from the obvious, what’s alarming is that Trump supporters want him back in office.

The New Republic reports:

The photos depict boxes stored upside-down and without lids, their contents spilling out on the ground and onto other storage containers. Other bins include Trump’s golf shirts sandwiched beside papers labeled “secret” or “classified,” while others are haphazardly strewn about between newspaper clippings, Christmas ornaments, presidential souvenirs, and cases of diet Coke.

The court filing from special counsel Jack Smith is a clear counter argument to Trump’s legal team, who claimed that the government‘s failure to log the precise order of the boxes’ contents should be grounds to throw out the classified documents case completely.

Trump faces 42 felony charges in the case related to willful retention of national security information, corruptly concealing documents, and conspiracy to obstruct justice. Meanwhile, the Trump-appointed judge overseeing the case has slow-walked the trial so aggressively that she has been accused by legal experts of attempting to postpone it indefinitely. Last week, Judge Aileen Cannon began hearing arguments not related to Trump’s actions—but instead on whether Smith’s appointment to the case, and his subsequent prosecution, was constitutional.

Meanwhile, Trump’s trial in May has been postponed indefinitely by Judge Aileen M. Cannon. I’m going to go out on a limb here to suggest that Trump supporters aren’t the patriots they feign to be. Just a hunch!

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