Shocking Allegations: Is Female Rapper Sexyy Red Behind a $Crypto Scam?

The world of cryptocurrency is no stranger to controversy, and the latest scandal involves none other than the rising female rapper Sexyy Red. Known for her bold lyrics and dynamic stage presence, Sexyy Red is now facing serious allegations from popular social media scam exposer, Zach XBT. According to Zach, Sexyy Red—or those associated with her—may be involved in a pump-and-dump scheme with a cryptocurrency called PRESI. If true, these claims could have significant legal repercussions, potentially leading to prison time.

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Female Rapper Sexyy Red

The Rise of PRESI

Sexyy Red recently released her new album, Sexyy Red for President, and is planning a world tour under the same name. In conjunction with these career milestones, she has been promoting a cryptocurrency known as PRESI. While the creator of PRESI remains unclear, Sexyy Red’s endorsement has certainly boosted its profile and value among her fans.

For the past few weeks, the rapper has been actively promoting PRESI on her social media platforms, and the cryptocurrency’s value has seen a significant rise. However, this rapid increase in value has caught the attention of Zach XBT, who claims that the rise is part of a larger, nefarious scheme.

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Is Female Rapper Sexyy Red Behind a $Crypto Scam

The Pump-and-Dump Allegations

Zach XBT alleges that PRESI is a secret pump-and-dump scheme orchestrated by Sexyy Red and her team. A pump-and-dump is a type of market manipulation where the creators or holders of a large amount of a cryptocurrency artificially inflate its price through misleading or false information. Once the price is sufficiently high, they sell off their holdings, causing the price to plummet and leaving unsuspecting investors with worthless tokens.

According to Zach, Sexyy Red owns more than 90% of PRESI and plans to gradually sell off her holdings to her fans. He has presented what he claims is evidence of wallets linked to Sexyy Red’s team, which supposedly hold large amounts of PRESI. If true, these actions would be in direct violation of federal securities laws, making it a federal felony.

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Legal and Social Media Fallout

Under federal securities laws, pump-and-dump schemes are considered serious offenses with substantial penalties, including prison time. The allegations against Sexyy Red have ignited a firestorm on social media, with many users expressing outrage and disbelief. Other internet sleuths have joined the fray, presenting their own theories and evidence, further fueling the controversy.

Despite the gravity of these allegations, the truth remains elusive. Media Take Out, a popular celebrity news outlet, has not been able to verify the claims made by Zach XBT. However, the sheer volume of attention the story is receiving suggests that it will not fade away quietly.

The Impact on Sexyy Red’s Career

Sexyy Red’s career is at a critical juncture. Her album release and upcoming tour were supposed to mark a significant milestone in her musical journey. Instead, she now faces potential legal battles that could overshadow her professional achievements. The impact on her reputation could be devastating, especially if the allegations are proven true.

The case also highlights the growing intersection between cryptocurrency and celebrity endorsements. As more public figures enter the crypto space, the potential for scams and fraudulent activities increases, emphasizing the need for greater scrutiny and regulation.


The allegations against Sexyy Red are a stark reminder of the volatile and often risky nature of cryptocurrency investments. While her fans eagerly await the outcome of these claims, the broader crypto community watches closely, aware of the potential implications for celebrity-endorsed digital assets.

As the story develops, one thing is certain: the world will be watching to see how Sexyy Red navigates these turbulent waters. Will she emerge unscathed, or will these allegations mark a turning point in her career?


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