Sean O'Brien Is Enjoying Living In Mullin's Head Rent Free

Teamster President was on Fox and was talking about Senator Markwayne’s increasingly bizarre and threatening behavior towards him:

It was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen because first he says we’re consenting adults which was bizarre because it sounded like he wanted to date me. Then he asked to fight me. And I’m hearing now that he wanted to bite me. And then the last post he made was in front of a cache of automatic weapons where he says anytime and anyplace. So make up your mind – do you want to date me, fight me, bite me or shoot me. That’s crazy. We’re there for one reason and one reason only. It’s to tell our side of the story and get some feedback and maybe develop some relationships for the betterment of working people.

It’s no wonder that O’Brien is quickly growing in popularity with the American people. He effortlessly lives in the bully Mullin’s head rent free yet never ever loses sight of his mission which is to make things better for American workers, and not just members of the Teamsters, but all Americans.

But that doesn’t surprise me. That’s what unions are all about. What does surpris me is that Mullin can’t tell when he’s been beat and then just makes stupid moves, each one getting progressively dumber.

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