Russian Police Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong

Somewhat miraculously, despite being crushed by the Ford Focus, the traffic policeman only suffered a broken leg, a dislocated finger and wounds to his back.

Source: Daily Mail

This is the horrifying moment when a police car stunt went spectacularly wrong in Russia after an officer was crushed under the wheels of a Ford Focus.

The car was being driven on two wheels in a ‘demonstration of professional skills.

A video shows helmeted officers in a car park in a plank position on the ground as the pirouetting vehicle drove by, with the car supposed to clear the policeman’s head.

But the Ford Focus ‘did not have sufficient speed’ and can be seen landing on an officer named Alexei, 48, as onlookers gasp and scream in horror.

The wheel appeared to hit his helmet and he became trapped under the car. The policeman was then dragged across the car park.

A separate clip shows some police officers running towards the car to help the man.

‘The stunt got out of control and the police Ford fell right on top of the policeman,’ reported SHOT media.

The traffic policeman suffered a broken leg, dislocated finger and wounds to his back, according to reports on the stunt at Ivanteevka, in the Moscow Region.

The injured man was rushed to hospital where ‘his life was not in danger’.

‘During a demonstration of professional skills at the Professional Training Center of the State Traffic Inspectorate of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow, an accident occurred,’ admitted a spokesman.

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