Republicans Panic; Mike Johnson Whines About CNN Debate

Speaker Mike Johnson held a presser and complained that President Biden will have a three to one advantage in the CNN debate even if he’s hopped up on energy drinks.

The only fair debate moderators would come from Christian nationalists and white supremacists from OANN, Stew Peters, and Sean Hannity.

Johnson wildly speculated that the country would hear a positive vision for America.


Johnson: Look, my summary is this.

It doesn’t matter if he drinks a whole gallon of energy drinks. He’s not going to be able to match the acumen and the readiness of Donald Trump. And that’s what we expect.

Even if it’s a three-on-one situation, I mean, obviously, the CNN moderators have shown an open disdain for President Trump.

We’ve seen the tapes rolling of all their comments, so we know it’s not a fair fight.

Drinking energy drinks is not a crime, not that Biden will drink any. If Biden has dementia, like MAGA and Fox News continually allude to, then stimulants would paralyze him, not help him in any situation.

Asking Trump pertinent questions is considered Marxist, socialist, and communist propaganda.

Diminished Donald is always “being attacked and vilified and never in a fair fight” by any media not worshiping at his narcissistic and fascist alter.

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