Republican Congressman Goes Full Projection For Trump

Rep. Eric Burlison, from the House Oversight Committee intimated that President Biden has dementia and needs drugs to be able to stand for ninety minutes during Thursday’s CNN presidential debate.

Secretary Pete Buttigieg destroyed him back in 2023, so he’s looking to get payback by smearing the president with despicable attacks.

Speaking with Maria Bartiromo about the upcoming debate, this was his take.

BARTIROMO: And that they’re probably experimenting with getting doses right, giving him medicine ahead of the debate. Is that what you think?

BURLISON: Yeah, I think that, you know, any patient, the truly, you know, elderly individual or someone that has dementia, they can find some moments of clarity, right?

They can find moments throughout the day that they have energy.

And I think that Trump’s team should not underestimate Joe Biden and his team’s ability to, you know, whether they’re going to jack him up on Mountain Dew or whatever it is.

That, look, the State of the Union this year, he had a lot of energy for about an hour or an hour and a half.

But it doesn’t mean, you know, what we’re seeing is obviously throughout the day that he can’t carry that level of energy.

When he’s out and about, we’re seeing that decline.

But I certainly would not, if I were the Trump team, underestimate their ability to do whatever it takes to make sure that he’s focused for one or two hours that he’s on the debate.

The MAGA cult is terrified about how well President Biden will do at the debate. It’s not a surprise for pundits to go that far, but US lawmakers used to have a modicum of decorum. MAGA has ditched that entirely.

I believe CNN having control of the microphones helps Trump because they can cut him off when he rambles incoherently with crazy attacks and juvenile taunts.

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