Remedy unveils Alan Wake 2 Night Springs expansion and physical editions

Remedy Entertainment should have won Game of the Year at The Game Awards for Alan Wake 2. Just putting that out there. And now the Helsinki-based company is unveiling Alan Wake 2 Night Springs expansion downloadable content (DLC).

The expansion adds physical editions for Alan Wake 2 as well as a new photo mode and a new adventure in Bright Falls on the PC on the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

I’ve seen a demo of the adventure, which will take you back into the mysterious and ever-twisting world of the Dark Place in the first expansion for Alan Wake 2, Night Springs.

Trapped in the enigmatic Dark Place, Alan Wake seeks an escape route through an unexpected
medium: his imagination. As he pens the scripts for the once-beloved TV show “Night Springs,”
he unwittingly unravels the fabric of reality, plunging players into a surreal journey where the
familiar morphs into the unexpected.

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Night Springs allows you to play as several fan-favorite characters through three highly stylized
episodes, each offering a unique slice of the Alan Wake universe. While similar to previously
known characters, they are different—Night Springs versions of themselves.

You can become the Time Breaker, manipulating time to rewrite your destiny. Embrace the cosmic
mysteries in the North Star and unravel secrets that defy reason. Or channel your inner obsession as the Number One Fan, fighting the shadows in pursuit of truth and love.

Players will find themselves in familiar yet transformed settings with new twists and turns, like a
playable arcade game or even a text-based adventure.

Step into the surreal and experience the world of Alan Wake as never before – your journey
through the Dark Place takes an unexpected turn with Night Springs. Remedy asks fans a relevant question. Will you break free from the loop, or become another echo lost in the shadows?

Characters from Alan Wake games and the Remedy Universe

While similar to previously known characters, they are different – Night Springs versions of themselves,
written by Alan Wake based on what he saw in his visions in the Dark Place.

They include: The Actor (Shawn Ashmore), based on Tim Breaker (I always wondered what he was doing in the game); The Sibling (Courtney Hope), based on Jesse Faden. That’s right. She’s the character from Control. And the Waitress (Jessica Preddy), based on Rose Marigold, from the diner in Bright Falls.

The Episodes

Time Breaker

The Actor, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the Bright Falls sheriff Tim Breaker, is a multiversal hero in the game Time Breaker. His character must track down the Master of the Many Worlds and prevent him from murdering the multiversal hero’s different selves across parallel universes.

North Star

The Sibling, an unknown woman who bears a striking resemblance to FBC Director Jesse Faden, is trying to find her missing brother, who is being held captive at Coffee World. I spent a lot of time in Coffee World, either finding stuff, getting lost or fighting.

Number One Fan

The Waitress, who bears a striking resemblance to Oh Deer Diner’s waitress Rose Marigold, must save her idol, the Writer, from the danger he finds himself in. To do so, she must confront the Writer’s critics, and the Bad Boy who is the Writer’s evil twin. Her campy and cheerful personality made her a popular extra.

How can you get the Night Springs Expansion?

You have to have the main game in the form of the Deluxe Edition. Players can access Night Springs via the Expansion Pass, which is included in the digital Deluxe Edition and forthcoming physical Deluxe and Collector’s Editions.

For those with digital Standard Edition, they can buy an upgrade to Deluxe Edition. Expansion Pass includes Night Springs and the second expansion, The Lake House, coming this October. Expansions are not sold separately.

New Trophies/Achievements in the Night Springs expansion

There are four new trophies/achievements per episode, so 12 new ones. Photo Mode is available to all that own Alan Wake 2 through a free update coming on June 8. Once you have downloaded the update, you can access Photo Mode in-game to take photos.

Photo Mode includes free camera, preset and custom preset picture settings, full-frame camera lens ranges, selection of effects, lighting settings and frames, and the ability to hide characters.

Physical Edition and Limited Collector’s Edition

Pre-orders for both start on June 8, 2024. The physical Deluxe Edition will be published on October 22, 2024 by publisher Epic Games, developed by Remedy Entertainment. It will be available for $80 on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

It includes the base game, Digital Deluxe Edition items including Nordic Shotgun Skin for Saga; Parliament Shotgun Skin for Alan; Crimson Windbreaker for Saga; Celebrity Suit for Alan; the Lantern Charm for Saga; Expansion Pass (includes Night Springs and The Lake House); Reversible cover sleeve with exclusive artwork; Alan Wake Remastered Digital Edition (as a code in the box).

The Limited Collector’s Edition, created by Limited Run, is published by Epic Games and developed by Remedy Entertainment. It will be available in November 2024 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S for $200.

It includes the base game; Digital Deluxe Edition items including Nordic Shotgun Skin for Saga; Parliament Shotgun Skin for Alan; Crimson Windbreaker for Saga; Celebrity Suit for Alan; Lantern Charm for Saga. It has the Expansion Pass (includes Night Springs and The Lake House); Reversible cover sleeve with exclusive artwork; Alan Wake Remastered Digital Edition (as a code in the box); Comes in an exclusive Collector’s Edition box; Alan Wake’s Angel Lamp replica (functional with a light); Ocean View Hotel; Keychain and key (room 665); Coffee World pin set and Alan Wake 2 artbook.


Teasers from the Summer Game Fest start out with a video taking you into The Dark Place inside a TV, inside the Night Springs show which resembles The Twilight Zone. Mr. Door from the show notes that “fan” is an abbreviation of fanatic.

The demo I watched show a woman, Rose Marigold, dressed up as the waitress at the Oh Deer Diner in Bright Falls. She’s a fan of Alan Wake, the writer, and has dedicated herself to finding the missing man. The diner is busy, and she fills cups of coffee for the customers. Rose has written her own book (fan fiction) and has created a fan site for Alan Wake.

A fish mounted on the wall talks to Rose. It asks for her help. She has to rescue him and goes into her room full of accessories: an armory of guns. She says, “Extreme circumstances call for extreme shotguns.”

Everyone cheers as Rose heads out on her quest. She heads to the boatyard and starts shooting at the Taken. She massacres all of them. Rose’s episode takes place in the daylight, and it’s a humorous departure from the nightmare world of Alan Wake 2. You don’t have to worry about ammo.

Each of the episodes is about an hour long. They’re linear, with all of them set in Night Springs. There is no evidence board/plot board in this one. The episodes are written by Alan Wake as screenplays, as he is stuck in The Dark Place trying to escape.

The second expansion is coming later.

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