Polls Show Huge Jump For Biden After State Of The Union

President Joe Biden’s very good State of the Union showing wasn’t just a hit among Democrats. Despite criticism that Biden’s address was specifically aimed at rallying Democratic voters, the speech not only tested well with viewers beyond the base, it also significantly improved Biden’s standing among those viewers.

As Daily Kos’ Mark Sumner pointed out, a CNN quick poll found that 64% of respondents viewed the speech positively, with 62% saying his policies would move the country in the right direction—a 17-percentage-point bump from before the speech.

Navigator Research posted similar findings from its live-reaction dial group of 33 Phoenix-area soft partisans and independents: 76% had positive reactions, with 64% saying Biden’s policies would move the country in the right direction. 

Biden’s favorability rating among the dial group jumped 37 points from before and after the speech, ending at 58% favorable to 42% unfavorable.

The change in Biden’s job approval rating—a tougher sell—was far smaller but still improved 6 points, to 33% approve versus 67% disapprove. There’s still plenty of work to do in that arena.

According Navigator testing among the 33 speech-watchers, Biden’s biggest improvements from pre- to post-speech came in these five areas:

1. Stands up to corporations: net change of +83 points

2. Is a strong leader: net change of +63 points

3. Is up for the job of president: net change of +60 points

4. Represents the U.S. well abroad: net change of +46 points

5. Brings people together: net change of +40 points

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Early numbers from Nielsen suggested Biden’s State of the Union address attracted nearly 28 million viewers—a slight uptick from last year, despite appearing on fewer networks then. But the final Nielsen numbers were even better: 32.3 million viewers tuned in, a significant 18% increase over 2023.

Among those viewers, Biden did himself a world of good not just from a policy standpoint but also from the perspective of: Is this guy up for the job, and are his priorities in the right place?

The Biden campaign has a lot more work to do, but the overwhelmingly positive responses to the president’s speech suggest his message is also one that he and his team can sell on the campaign trail.

Biden will be taking that message to metro Atlanta this weekend, while Donald Trump visits northern Georgia. Bring on the split screen!

Republished with permission from Daily Kos.

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