Pirro Admits It: SCOTUS Wanted To 'Slow Down Jack Smith' Prosecution Of Trump

Fox News host Janine Pirro said what most of the country was thinking after the Supreme Court handed down its presidential immunity ruling.

Box-O-Wine Pirro said the important part out loud as it pertains to Trump’s upcoming criminal trials.

JEANNE PIRRO: You know, first of all, Dana, what is so important about this is there is nothing about immunity in the Constitution or in federal statutes.

So we’ve had to rely for a couple of centuries on how the courts interpret this. So this is, in a sense, as Gorsuch said, a decision for the ages.

But obviously, the immediate impact of this is clearly to slow down Jack Smith. Not that that was their intent, but the effect is that.

Hijacked courts and handpicked judges during Trump’s presidency are blocking and delaying as best they can all forms of prosecutions he faces.

Their goal was to push these trials till after the election, then hoping Trump would win and he could attempt to pardon himself.

We can bet, this Supreme Court will grant him that privilege.

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