'Pedophile Enablers': Stew Peters Rips Caesars For Canceling His Star Chamber

Former bounty hunter turned Christian nationalist psycho Stew Peters fumed at Caesars of Atlantic City for canceling his Extreme Accountability Event where he wanted to hold “Nuremberg” type trial against those he perceives to be America’s greatest enemies foreign and domestic, and holding them “accountable.”

Right Wing Watch, Raw Story and Newsweek were singled out as parasites.

Just one day after we announced the extreme accountability event, actually less than a full day, less than 24 hours later, these people at Right-Wing Watch, these lizard things, these pedophile enablers at Right-Wing Watch, who by the way, they’re madly in love with me, they have an obsession, they just drool, they salivate while they watch every move that I make as they stare at me and hang on every word that I say.

These parasites at Right-Wing Watch and the rest of the corporate media came out running hit pieces on me and you and our event, like this especially fake one from this fake Raw Story published by this fake journalist called Kathleen Culleton.

And in response, the cowards, who we now know are pedophile enablers at Caesars of Atlantic City, New Jersey, cancelled on us.

Their whole legal team, a team of lawyers, was in a complete panic based on the lies told by Right-Wing Watch and Newsweek and Raw Story.

It took less than 24 hours for the extreme accountability event that was announced right here on the Stu Peter Show to be shut down by Caesars, who knew exactly who I was, who knew exactly who we are and what it is that we plan to do and who it is that we plan to protect.

But they booted us off of their reservation list so they could try washing their hands of the entire thing as quickly as possible.

Articles like this caused the event to be canceled: Stew Peters Demands Executions For Opposing Christian Nationalism Takeover

Eventbrite has now banned selling any tickets to his event so they join the ranks of pedophile sympathizers and pedophile enablers as well.

Caesar’s was rightly concerned about enabling Peters’ defamation against those who simply highlight his extremism. They chose wisely.

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