OP VAULT is a proposed upgrade to Bitcoin You can decide

OP_VAULT is a proposed upgrade to Bitcoin. You can decide when and where funds can be spent from a vault. If your vault is breached, you still have a recovery option before your time delay expires.

Has anyone addressed the concerns about using OP-VAULT to blacklist addresses and transactions, in effect introducing censorship into the base chain? I think this was the main concern last time around. For example, what if Exchanges send you Bitcoin with the restrictions of OFAC allowed addresses already embedded in them. SO now you can only send to whitelist addresses.

TBH, with how blindsided we were with Taproot, and the unintended uses of the upgrade, I am very skeptical of a change, specially if it is pushed through fast. Not saying OP-VAULT is being rammed through now, just hoping we will do our due diligence this time. I don’t want more surprises.

EDIT: OK, just read that OP-VAULT is recursive, which is worrisome. Just looking at the list of functionality it will open, including drivechains, spacechain, statechain, it’s like opening the freaking flood gates to EVERYTHING that could ever be conceived, today and in the future. This sounds dangerous and asinine.[https://blog.keys.casa/why-bitcoin-needs-covenants/](https://blog.keys.casa/why-bitcoin-needs-covenants/)

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