Notorious unveils Legacy: Steel & Sorcery at OTK Games Expo

After three years of development, Notorious Studios has unveiled its debut title, Legacy: Steel & Sorcery. Fans got their first look at Legacy’s PvP-focused gameplay at OTK Games Expo.

Notorious Studios was cofounded by its CEO Chris Kaleiki who previously served as a game designer for Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft. Inspired by his love of WoW’s unstructured world PvP, Legacy: Steel and Sorcery aims to borrow the emergent gameplay of extraction shooters and battle royales mixed with the third-person fantasy action of a classic MMORPG.

Notorious’ debut mixes fantasy with emergent PvP gameplay.

“I’ve always had the thought of why isn’t there a game that is just World PVP in a fantasy setting today? There’s a lot of world PvP games, but they’re not fantasy and they’re not third-person action. What they are is shooters like Escape from Tarkov … and battle royales,” said Kaleiki in an interview with GamesBeat. “The reason why these genres resonate with audiences, especially modern or younger players, is that they’re unscripted … each match is different. It’s exciting to watch a stream because you never know what’s going to happen.”

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As shown in the trailer, players will explore an open world map fighting both neutral monsters (and the other 23 players) to collect materials and complete quests. With this loot and experience, players return to a shared social hub to craft gear, upgrade equipment and gather future quests.

“The focus isn’t so much on the extraction element per se, but it’s on these moments that happen in the open world. These elements create scaffolding that nurture those World PVP moments because I think that’s what sticks with players,” said Kaleiki.

Take down monsters (and other players) in Legacy: Steel & Sorcery

Creator collective OTK Media showed Legacy: Steel & Sorcery during its annual OTK Games Expo. OTK is a minority investor in Notorious Studios.

In the future, Notorious plans to add a guild system/social layer and more instanced dungeon content to Legacy: Steel & Sorcery. The title will launch in Early Access later this year.

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