Not to brag, but VB has the best reporters in the biz — get in the room with them at VB Transform 

What sets VB Transform apart: It brings together over 400 corporate leaders across industries and S&P 500 companies, explores the cutting edge, the bleeding edge, and the edge we haven’t invented superlatives for (yet).

It’s a space to network, to make deals (we’ve seen countless seeds planted and handshakes handshook at Transform). It’s three days of rolling around in the kind of quality AI conversation and innovation that keeps us so excited about the future, and so ready to see what’s next. 

But it’s our team, too — we’ve got some of the best and brightest in the industry, the folks who know their stuff, who break the big stories, who consider the big ideas and dig out what’s good to know, what’s important to learn, what’s valuable enough to act on.

And VB Transform is your chance to get in the room with our all-star team. Who will be there? Well, CEO and Editor in Chief Matt Marshall (he/him), mastermind behind the VentureBeat brand. Plus Carl Franzen (he/him), VB’s head of news at VentureBeat, and a digital journalist and editorial strategist with more than 15 years of experience leading teams at Popular Science, The Verge, Vice, Inman and more.

Michael Nuñez (he/him), VB’s editorial director, is head-down on generative AI, and propelled by the way it’s transforming creative industries like journalism and writing — and proud to be at the forefront of integrating these new technologies into VB’s newsroom and workflow. And Dean Takahashi (he/him) is a legend, the powerhouse behind GamesBeat, and its extraordinary writers for 16 and a half years. But he also has a massive side beat he stays glued to: chips.

Emilia David (she/her), our killer senior AI reporter, is actively looking for pitches, and wants to tell stories about AI, the economy and how it affects people, places and companies. Aliyah Mohammed (she/her) is our associate editor, and coordinating the hell out of the 6th annual VentureBeat AI Innovation Awards — so she knows exactly who’s who and what’s what in the AI world. 

James Thomasan (he/him) and Louis Columbus (he/him) are our stellar contributing authors with decades of industry knowledge, delivering insightful pieces about the state of the AI world.

They’ll all be on the floor, at the panels and the events, ready to talk about the state of AI now, the state of AI yet to come (and also they have all the gossip). Register now to be a part of the in-crowd, and don’t miss the Innovation Showcase, the Women in AI Awards and the Women in AI Breakfast while you’re at it. Hurry – it starts tomorrow and you don’t want to miss a thing. Register here!

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