More Paramount Erasures, This Time At Comedy Central

I guess they felt so empowered wiping out decades of MTV News that they decided, WTH, let’s get rid of the comics, too:

Comedy Central Website Shuttered, Decades of Daily Show and Colbert Report Clips Gone in a Blink

Paramount has effectively shut down its Comedy Central website, TVLine has confirmed. Prior to this week, had been home to a repository of clips that included video from every episode of The Daily Showsince 1999 and all of The Colbert Report.

Also included in the purge: snippets from and episodes of @midnight, The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore and The Opposition With Jordan Klepper.

Future Historians are not going to find original sources to understand what we were thinking and our reaction to it. This really is erasing history.

Visitors to the Comedy Central site are greeted with this message:

“While episodes of most Comedy Central series are no longer available on this website, you can watch Comedy Central through your TV provider. You can also sign up for Paramount+ to watch many seasons of Comedy Central shows.”

I hate sounding like a crank, but this is why physical media is so important. The plutocrats can delete the official history.

Republished with permission from Mock Paper Scissors.

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