Mollie Hemingway: Trump's Mental Flubs Are 'Clearly A Typo On The Teleprompter'

Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway brushed off Donald Trump’s flubs during speeches as “clearly a typo on the teleprompter.”

On Sunday’s Fox News Media Buzz program, host Howard Kurtz aired clips of both Trump and President Joe Biden misspeaking.

“So Mollie, is a simple slurring of the words or mixing things up — look, if you’re on the air a lot, you do make these mistakes, including me — enough to justify a clip going viral online and everybody yakking about it?” Kurtz asked Hemingway.

“Well, I mean, in the first case, the Trump situation, clearly a typo on the teleprompter or a misread of the teleprompter,” she said.

But when it came to Biden, Hemingway thought the situation was more serious.

“I just, I don’t even know what to say because it’s so hard for me to understand him,” she remarked. “That is an embarrassment to a lot of Americans regardless of political persuasion.”

But left-leaning Fox News contributor Leslie Marshall rebuked Hemingway’s assessment.

“Unlike Mollie, I’m not gonna make excuses for, you know, Joe Biden and say that one slur is, you know, a typo and the other is not, you know, sorry, no,” Marshall responded. “Everybody makes mistakes, Howie, like you said, you know, I certainly do it.”

“Well, ultimately, the voters will decide,” Kurtz concluded.

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