MMA’s Conor McGregor joins Hitman World of Assassination

MMA fighter Conor McGregor is joining Hitman World of Assassination as a new Elusive Target today — the latest target for Agent 47, IO Interactive announced.

In a brand-new mission designed in collaboration with The Notorious himself, players can go after McGregor’s character and perform a hit on the Elusive Target.

The Disruptor mission is available for free, as part of the Free Starter Pack for new players and as an Elusive Target for Hitman World of Assassination players, for a limited time only. Copenhagen, Denmark-based IO Interactive, the independent studio behind the Hitman franchise, is keeping the game going as a game-as-a-service with the new mission update in hopes of drawing players back in.

The Disruptor is about a multimillionaire MMA fighter who started a feud with the CEO of a prominent tech company, painting a target on himself. He has the likeness and voiceover work from global superstar and MMA legend McGregor.

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The Disruptor mission is available globally on PlayStation5, PlayStation4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, Nintendo Switch, and the PC, from today until July 29.

“The age of the Disruptor is here! I had a lot of fun creating the character and bringing him to life. I can’t
wait for players to try to take him down — Agent 47 is in for the fight of his life!” said McGregor, in a statement.

Conor McGregor is coming to Hitman World of Assassination.

“We are beyond thrilled to bring Conor to Hitman World of Assassination. Players are really going to enjoy this new mission which blends the best of Hitman World of Assassination with the raw charisma
and energy of one of the most successful athletes in the world. I’m excited to see our players diving it
this new mission and enjoying what the team has created,” said Hakan Abrak, CEO at IO Interactive, in a statement.

The Disruptor mission brings players back to the island of Sgàil during a conclave of the secretive Ark Society, an organization composed of the world’s most rich and powerful people. The target is the multi-
millionaire MMA fighter, known as The Disruptor, who is to participate in a fight against the CEO of Quantum Leap and combat sports enthusiast, Tim Quinn. Fearing that the whole ordeal will ridicule Tim
Quinn, stakeholders at Quantum Leap have tasked Agent 47 to take down The Disruptor before he
strikes, for the company’s best interest.

The mission is available to play, for free, for newcomers to Hitman in the Free Starter Pack, with the
possibility of replaying the mission as many times as they wish, for the mission’s duration. Hitman World
of Assassination players can access The Disruptor mission for free. The Disruptor DLC pack is also available starting today. Hitman World of Assassination players can get permanent access to the mission as part of the Elusive Target Arcade.

The Disruptor Pack is available in stores now (RRP: $4.99/€4.99/£3.99). A DLC Pack launches today alongside the return of The Disruptor mission, which will include:

HITMAN DisruptorPack 08
Is Agent 47 going to put Conor McGregor down?
  • Permanent access to The Ostentatious – A two-level Arcade contract featuring The Disruptor Elusive Target
  • An outfit: The Disruptor Fur Coat
  • Three items: The Disruptor Kettlebell, the Disruptor Resistance Band, the Disruptor Cane
  • A set of cosmetics for the Freelancer Safehouse inspired by the Elusive Target mission, including the iconic Money Pit.

Four new challenges inspired by our community will be added during this new season, as well as returning Elusive Targets and new rounds of Curated Contracts. The Dartmoor Garden Show event will be making its return and will be available through the Free Starter Pack in July. Finally, a new Twitch Drop, the Purple Streak Suitcase, will be unlocked by watching one hour of Hitman World of Assassination on Twitch between the 27th of June and the 7th of July.

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