Marijuana Legalized In Ohio; GOP Already Planning Against It

Ohio passed legalization of recreational marijuana last night, and of course Republicans are already planning a way to limit it:

Nearly half of the country now has legal weed laws after Ohio voted Tuesday to legalize recreational marijuana.

Medical marijuana has been legal in Ohio since 2016, but voters just approved Issue 2, which will allow adults 21 and older to buy, possess and grow marijuana. The measure is set to become part of Ohio’s revised code in 30 days, although some state lawmakers are aiming to change those rules in the coming months.

Politico reports:

Sales are slated to start by the end of 2024 if the measure is implemented as written.

But with the Republican-dominated Legislature critical of the initiative, there could be a lengthy legislative battle over amendments. That would likely delay implementation and potentially give rise to a stubborn illicit market.

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