Marge Flips Out As Australia Asks If She'll Accept Election Results

Georgia Klan mom Marjorie Taylor Greene almost had a coronary when an Australian TV host asked her if she would accept the 2024 election results if Trump lost.

Since the Georgia Congresswoman disputes the results of the 2020 election, this question is completely justified.

Greene: And lie and tried to pervert the truth. [Trump] told the truth, and we appreciate him for that.

Host: And if it doesn’t go your way, if Biden wins, will you accept the result?

Greene: Again, what does this have to do with Julian Assange? Seriously, really, that’s what we’re supposed to be talking about.

What network is this? What is this, ABC in Australia?

Is she getting any marching orders from the Democrat Party? I mean, is this what you decided to come up with today?

Host: You’re a prominent figure in US politics. The first debate is tomorrow. The result of the election is on the minds, not just of Americans, but of the whole world. So it’s a natural point of curiosity.

But I understand that we’ve reached the end of the questions that you want to answer. Thank you for talking to us about Julian Assange and for joining the program.

Asking normal questions is called propaganda by the idiot of the South.

It’s obvious.

The MAGA cult will not support the election results if Biden wins.

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