Major Advertisers Running From Twitter

Elon Musk continues to drive Twitter into the ground, one Nazi embracing tweet at a time. He took over the company last year and paid a shocking $44 billion dollars for it. Since that time it has reportedly lost the majority of it’s value, with some reports that the value currently hovers around $4 billion.

World’s most brilliant businessman? I think not.

Elon has been cozy with the far right, alt right, dictators and Nazis for quite a while, reactivating the worst of the worst that had previously been banned from the platform, including Donald Trump, Kanye West, Jordan Peterson, the Babylon Bee, Project Veritas and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s personal account. But apparently his love of Nazi’s and his embrace of antisemitism was one step too far for advertisers, with FOUR huge companies pulling or suspending their ads in the last 24 hours.

It all started with this tweet attacking Jews as anti-white. It set off a firestorm on both Twitter and in the media. Companies such as IBM and Apple were none too pleased to see evidence that their ads were being placed directly above or below antisemitic and hate filled posts. So they spoke with their wallets. And the message is clear: They do not want to be affiliated with hate speech.

Apple is “suspending” their ads. Lionsgate has also “suspended” their ads. Warner Brothers and Disney are also out.. IBM also tapped out. And finally, the European Commission is also saying goodbye.

UPDATE: Spoke too soon. NBC Universal has also stopped advertising. Also Paramount Global. I will update with more companies as they drop out as well.

The only ads left soon will be for CBD gummies, techbro crypto, porn, shady video games and alternative covid cures. Oh, and let’s not forget racist only white dating sites, like this:

Keep up the great work, Elon! You are killing it.

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