MAGA Tears After 'Hawk Tuah' Girl Rejects Trump

It’s funny how little it takes to upset these MAGA folks. In this case, merely insinuating that Welch isn’t a Trump supporter was enough to send some of them into a Twitter rage.

Source: The Daily Dot

Hailey Walsh, who went viral after an on-the-street interview where she answered a question about what makes a man go crazy in bed with a suggestion to “spit on that thang” and give them that “hawk tuah,” revealed on the Plan Bri Uncut podcast that she would not give former President Donald Trump that “hawk tuah” if she had the opportunity to.

Host Brianna Lapaglia asked Welch alongside her friend from the video—who she calls Jessie—to a play a “Hawk Tuah or not” game where she answered questions about who she would Hawk Tuah, or not, given the chance.

The two women agreed that she would Hawk Tuah Morgan Wallen, Jacobi Elordi, and Josh Richards, among others.

Dave Portnoy, who the women said they didn’t know, despite Plan Bri Uncut being a Barstool Sports network podcast, got just a “hawk.”

As for Trump, Jessie quickly said “no, absolutely not,” after Lapaglia proposed him, with Welch adding “it’s a no from me,” and shaking her head.

And with that, the clip from MeidasTouch which had inflamed MAGA, from which I gather Hailey Welch is now something of a MAGA icon after her viral clip.

And some responses. (I’ll skip a lot of the MAGA ones as completely redundant.)

And the original that started it all. What a time to be alive, eh?

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