MAGA Clown Mark Levin: Democrats Are The New Confederacy

Fox News host Mark Levin declared the Democratic Party as a new Confederacy because New York convicted Trump on 34 felony counts

If anyone has been turned into a caricature of what they wanted to try to appear to be, Mark Levin is among the leaders.

Hey Mark, MAGA turns your brain to mush.

In his first outburst he demands the Kangaroo Supreme Court to overturn the New York state verdicts against Trump. He then described the Democratic party as if Abraham Lincoln was still alive.

Levin throws around judicial terms like due process, and equal protection claptrap to sound knowledgeable to his rubes, followed quickly by the lie Democrats still support Jim Crow laws.

Look in the mirror, Mark. The south is solidly MAGA and that’s where Jim Crow has resided since the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

And nobody is a better figure, illustration of that then Joe Biden. Now they do it for different reasons and they do it in a different way.

But it doesn’t change who they are and what they are. They hate the Constitution as they must, as they adopt an increasingly aggressive Marxist ideology. And this party is an autocratic party, an autocratic party. It doesn’t care how it gets power.

What was done to Donald Trump in that courtroom, in addition to everything you heard, is an attempt to nullify the federal Constitution, due process, equal protection.

That’s what took place. The Democrat Party is the new Confederacy. That’s right. It was the old Confederacy. Now it’s the new Confederacy.

Reverse federalism, where a judge and a prosecutor steal the jurisdictional power of the federal government and all that implies. The Constitution, federal election laws, and these entire processes. That is reverse federalism, that is nullification. That is the new Confederacy. That’s what Joe Biden, the old Confederate, and that’s what his Marxist supporters now support. This needs to be fought!

Levin has been implicated in the the fake electors scheme and publicly defended it. You sir, are someone who hates the US Constitution and supports Trump’s plan of illegally staying in office and turning America into an actual autocratic party.

Maybe Mark should tell his convicted Vonshitzhispants idol to stop committing crimes. Describing the majority party as a racist confederacy is mind numbing and cruel. Over 600K Americans died in the Civil War, jackass. New York convicting Trump for criminal acts is a needle in the Pacific Ocean, you creep.

Trying to sound lawyerly does not hide the fact that all his arguments are mendacious deceptions.

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